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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Here Chicken, Chicken-A Vintage Outfit Post (Perhaps My Favorite Ever)

Obviously clothes are important to me.   I consider dressing in vintage style my hobby, and I often spend a lot of time planning out outfits.   However, sometimes my favorite outfits come together by chance, which is the case with the  outfit I'm wearing here.  

I purchased the dress, a cheery chicken print 1950s style dress from Hey Day vintage, thinking it would make excellent spring and summer wear.   The jacket is a 1950s western style wool number that I was planning to save until the fall.  Then I realized the jacket's color way was a perfect compliment for the  chicken dress and with our chilly spring weather, I put them together and I absolutely adore the result.

Inspired by these charming land girls I added a 1940s style head wrap

and a luxulite novelty chicken brooch:

(Note the pug and cat hairs, an essential touch to any outfit in my opinion.)

I like the effect even better with the jacket unzipped.  So you can see more of the dress.  

These Judy dresses are so much fun.  They are based on a 1950s patter and just pull over the head and tie at the waist,  super easy and comfortable to wear.   I have the penny arcade version too.

This whole outfit sort of represents the apex of vintage dressing for me.  It's without a doubt a vintage look, and totally unique, but its every bit as comfortable and casual as modern clothing.  In fact I find this more comfortable then modern clothes.  I never feel like myself in modern outfits and I find many of them restrictive.    This is the perfect thing to wear for a walk in the park with the dogs, which is wear I wore it on Sunday.  

They've built a  nature trail in the park near our house and we checked it out.  It's small but nice.

I love how Mr. Tuvok is leaping up in this picture.  

A happy dog on a simple happy day!

Outfit Details

Chicken Print Dress-Hey Day Vintage
1950s Western Jacket-Lucky Dry Goods
1940s Head Wrap-Arthelia's Attic
Novelty Chicken Brooch Luxulite
1940s Style Canvas Wedges-Remix Vintage Shoes


  1. The dress and jacket could not have been more perfect for each other. I'm sure you will return to the park, what a perfect place for dog walking

  2. So cute!! You were right to combine the jacket with the dress together, fantastic combo :) I'm also crushing on that adorable brooch.

    Great look

    Liz :)

  3. What a cute outfit! Love the dress with chicken print. And the jacket is perfect for that! The trail looks very nice. Must have been a really pleasant walk :-)

  4. I just adore this outfit. The little novelty touches are so fun! And the styles go together so well.

  5. So cute! Love the brooch! And the shoes are adorable too!

  6. Dressing up for a walk....BOL! SHE wears trackies and an old hoodie. Your pups must be so proud to walk with you.

  7. this is a great outfit! The park looks very nice
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. No outfit is ever complete without bringing a wee bit of our pets along ;-)

    Love the look! The shoes are really cool!

  9. Yay! I've finally worked my way though my backlog of blog posts to read and have made it to your chicken dress! I love it! I love how you've paired it with the plaid jacket! The colors are completely perfect together! And that chicken brooch is amazing! Love this outfit!!! Yay chickens!!! :D

  10. I so love that chicken dress and I'm drooling over that Lucite brooch! Great outfit! xxx

  11. Fabulously cool outfit! One can definitely see how blissful you are about it by the expressions in these snaps. It's so great when different vintage/repro elements come together serendipitous like this to create a dream outfit.

    Big hugs & happy Memorial Day long weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. We are quite familiar with the dog and cat furs accessories. A look that never goes out of style!

  13. It looks comfortable too! I do sometimes look at some vintage outfits and can't imagine myself in them, but you always show how it can be stylish and really wearable.

  14. Great look! The brooch is the finishing touch!

  15. If I would come to this city again, I would be all over these San Francisco venues. We ordered Spinach artichoke dip at the server's suggestion and it was absolutely delicious.


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