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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vintage Outfit Post and Spotlight on Modern Vintage Purveyors-Freddie's of Pinewood

Since starting this blog last year and embracing my life long passion for vintage style I have dressed in 1920s through 1950s inspired clothing nearly every day.  However I rarely wear genuine vintage from head to toe.  The "vintage" I wear most days is reproduction.  Even though I treasure the few genuine vintage garments I own, in general I prefer reproductions.  Reproductions offer all the benefits of vintage clothing and none of the draw backs.  Reproductions are durable and sturdy and many offer the easy care convenience of modern clothes.  With reproductions I can play with my dogs, ride my bike, and interact with the students at my job, without worrying that a bouncy dog or affectionate child will rip a delicate dress.  In fact I almost never wear my genuine vintage dresses to work because I have a recurring night mare I'll be teaching and an 80 year old garment will begin to unravel. 

Some vintage aficionados feel very strongly that they want one of a kind items.  That's not so important to  me, but if you choose custom made reproductions from purveyors like Time Machine Vintage you can even be guaranteed of a one of a kind garment.   I've also heard people say that reproductions don't offer the real look and quality of originals.  While I'm by no means an expert, or even really very knowledgeable, when it comes to vintage clothing I know that many of the companies offering reproductions use original patterns and even period authentic dead stock fabrics.  For example, the company I'm writing about today, Freddie's of Pinewood, accurately copies jeans and casual wear from the 1940s and 50s offering a product that looks just like, but wears harder then, the original.

I rarely wear pants, partly because I am so short they always require hemming and partly because I love dresses so much, but everyone needs jeans and when I realized I needed a new pair I knew I wanted some Freddie's.  I had read about their products on several vintage blogs, such as Chronically Vintage,  and I new they had the best.  I spent a long time deciding what jeans to order since my original choices the 1940s side button jeans and the 1950s Rivet Jeans wear sold out in my size.  I found the Freddie's website very helpful in regards to sizing and full of beautiful choices. I finally settled on their 1950s Indigo Button Jeans  and I couldn't be happier with my choice.  As the website description says "these are proper jeans" completely 1950s accurate and very well made.  I can't believe how much more comfortable and sturdy these are then modern jeans I have tried.   I also love that these jeans have a nice high waist, preventing the dreaded sliding down of modern jeans.  Whenever I wear them I feel like a 1950s teenager ready to go to a sock hop, or even better  the Hi Teen carnival, even If am a 36 year old woman.

In the interest of giving credit where its due, hear are the details for the rest of my outfit: 

1940s Reprouduction Sweater from Vintage and Cool Knitting
1950s Indigo Side Button Jeans from Freddie's of Pinewood
Chili Pepper Hair Clip from Luxulite
1950s Poodle Purse from Etsy Shop Rabbit Heart Designs


  1. We think you look like a little doll!!!
    stella rose

  2. You look so lovely! The little cherry on your top is very pretty :-)

  3. I like the idea of reproductions so you can enjoy the clothes and not worry about destroying a piece of history.

  4. Fabulous and you look very stylish. Reproduction is also good as cleaning some vintage clothes is difficult and expensive. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Your jeans look fabulous! I've been wanting a pair of Freddie's for a while now, and after this baby I think I will take the plunge.
    I'm short too, apparently, as all jeans I've ever bought need about a four to six inch hem in them. It does make one not like wearing jeans.


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