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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Star Trek Style-Spotlight on The Conscience of the King

My all time favorite show has, in addition, to its wonderful plots, clever characters, hopeful message and humanist philosophy, some really fascinating, and wacky, style. 
Futuristic bikinis?  In silver foil on TOS and then more practical white on TNG.  Also proof Star Trek is equal opportunity when it comes to objectifying guest stars.

The costumes from Star Trek, particularly TOS, (that's the original series to non trekkies), show case some seriously trippy 60s fashion. 

Gold and see through are common TOS themes Image Source

No costume had one piece where two would do, also bizarre hats and tunics are a popular choice for the men of many planets Image Source
Watch even one episode and it becomes pretty clear that the wardrobe department staff were partaking of some of the eras more popular hallucinogens.  While its highly unlikely anything will ever top the marabou rabbit costumes complete with decorative belly button lint detail from Shore Leave:

Image Source

I recently noticed some seriously awesome get ups in one of my favorite episodes The Conscience of the King.  This had to be at least my fifth viewing of this episode but somehow I never quite realized before how absolutely wild the costumes on the  leading lady are, and unusual for Star Trek there are quite a few costume changes. 

In the episode Kirk is contacted by a child hood friend who is sure he has found Kodos the Executioner, a monstrous bad guy who put to death thousands of people,  supposedly to prevent the starvation of the more deserving residents of Earth Colony Tarsus IV.  Kirk and his friend were two of a very small group of survivors who saw what Kodos looks like.  Twenty years later the suspected Kodos is masquerading as a Shakespearean actor.  Kirk is unsure if he has found the real Kodos and so he sets out to investigate.  Naturally, because he is Kirk a big part of the investigation involves seducing Kodos's daughter Lenore, who gets to sport some really amazing clothes.

When Kirk first meets Lenore at a cocktail party she is wearing an outfit that is downright conservative by Star Trek standards, a one sleeved blue baby doll number with apliqued flowers and spangly ice skater tights. 

Plus her hair, when compared to other characters like Yeoman Rand,

 is quite simple.  However, when Kirk and Lenore decide to take a romantic walk on the planet surface the costume department out does themselves.  In order to ward of any chills, Lenore accessorizes with a black tulle cape that cascades from her hair.

Later when Lenore beams aboard the enterprise she sports another unforgettable get up.  A faux fur mini dress with a giant tiger eye brooch and those same  ice skater tights, clearly her signature accessory.  Oh and gloves too because this outfit really needs gloves:

Image Source

Image Source

From this image I am getting the impression that Yeoman Rand isn't so sure this look works 
Sadly the outfits after the fur mini are a bit of a downer.  For a date with Kirk, Lenore wears a simple Pucci inspired caftan:

Image Source

If it weren't for the green feathers on the sleeves this get up would hardly qualify as Star Trek apparel.  However, while the outfit in this scene might disappoint, the dialogue does not. 

Lenore to Kirk:

"And this ship. All this power. Surging and throbbing, yet under control. Are you like that, Captain?"

Kirk to Lenore:

"Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate, but a woman always remains a woman."

Image Source

For the rest of the episode Lenore, who shocker is revealed to be a giant baddie, has unremarkable clothes.  She spends most of it in her Shakespearan Macbeth costume, a not so subtle allusion to her state of mind:

 Image Source 
Now for the flimsy reason behind this post: This weekend I'll be spending a few hours on Sunday attending my first ever Star Trek convention in Cherry Hill, NJ.  I've never wanted to travel to attend a convention, as much as I love Star Trek I didn't think they would be my thing, but this one is pretty close to where I live and I figure as a fan I have to see at least one convention.  Sadly my little Trekkers, who do have costumes, won't be attending as dogs are not allowed. 


  1. Wonderful and fun post! I don't consider myself to be a Trekkie, but I definitely watched TOS growing up (as a very YOUNG child, LOL!) and the costumes were always great.

    Enjoy the convention and bring us back lots of good photos!

  2. Oh wow! I didn't know Star Trek was filled with so many interesting costumes! And ladys' hair, they are amazing! Have fun at the convention and have a great weekend!

  3. Awesome image filled post, dear Kate. It really is a blast to see just how much 1960s styling wiggled its way (or was placed intentionally?) into a show that was supposed to be set so many years in the future.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I always liked the old Star Trek. Enjoy your convention. Love the dogs outfits. Almost fit as well as the originals did on the cast.

  5. Cool! Can't wait to read what it was like :-)

  6. Ha, those are quite some costumes :) Love the dogs ones.
    Hope you have a wonderful time!
    Lynne x

  7. Wow those outfits went right over my head when I watched TOS as an adolescent with my Dad (he liked it too, much to my mom's disgust. Maybe HE was noticing the costumes though :)

  8. Now, I watched Star Trek during the 70's, I think as reruns and still enjoy the show. I love that you have costumes for the dogs. I collect about two Star Trek ornaments a year for our Christmas tree. If I keep going, I will need a tree just for them! I also like The Next Generation.

  9. That is a whole new look at Star Trek for me.

    I love the picture of Doris Day and the Poodles. I used in a post a while back. There was so much style back in those days of Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn.

  10. Woe- were glad we stopped in,,, what a cool post!

  11. Loved the blast from the past and seeing the costumes some of which made us chuckle. Have a great time at the convention and do tell us all about it. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Sgould be lots of fun, but woold be so much bettew if yoow dawling littol tweckews coold be wif you
    Have a gweat time
    Smoochie kisses

  13. That is adorable! My oldest brother is a major Trekkie and I grew up watching the original series as well as the older movies and the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager series.


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