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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dog Doppelgänger

In honor of doppelgänger week, February 2-8, DogVacay asked dog bloggers to write about who their dog doppelgänger would be.  While my post is a week late, I had no problem identifying my dog doppelgänger, I live with three of them, the pug:

Some might say its a chicken or the egg question regarding whether the dog becomes like the owner or the owner becomes like the dog, but I am sure that I was originally drawn to the pug breed because of essential similarities in our personalities and world view.  Over my many years living with pugs the pugness of my nature has only deepened. Here are a list of seven things I feel I have in common with pugs. 

1.  Pugs have a sense of history. 
Pugs are one of the oldest dog  breeds dating back to 400 BC.  They have been the companions of emperors, monks, kings, and queens.  A pug named Pompey saved the life of William of Orange by barking to warn him of an assassin.  A pug named Bosco was the companion of Queen Victoria.

 This rich history makes the pug the perfect companion for a history lover and vintage collector like myself.

2.  Pugs like comfort.  

Pugs are not a breed for harsh conditions are strenuous work.  They are bred for a life of comfort and ease and they seek such with the enthusiasm other breeds reserve for herding, hunting, and such.  Pugs are more then a touch hedonistic in their love of the good life and with their royal history they can be luxury hound.  I myself am not one for self denial and certainly like my comforts.  I'd say that along with my pugs I completely understand the Mae West Quote:

3.  Pugs are non-athletic. 

While pugs participate in agility, rally-o, and other canine sports, they are doubtless not the most athletic of canines.  Google pug breed info and on any page one of the first things you will read is the pug's unsuitability as a companion for joggers and active types.  This doesn't mean pugs are sedentary,

they love a good morning constitutional, 

but they are not die hard athletes.  I myself have never been athletic.  I vividly remember the one soccer goal I scored in junior high, I tripped over the ball and scored for the other team.  Of course this lack of athletic prowess makes me a good match for the pug, and my love of walking makes me an even better one.

4.  Pugs are non competitive.
A picture of my pack taken about five years ago, with the late Dr. Zira and Bingo featured, as you can see everyone is ok with sharing that ball.

I'd say this goes with number three.  Even when they participate in athletic events pugs are there for the joy of the game and not to win any medals.  They are the ultimate groupies interested in everyone doing well.  I've never understood the desire to win at any cost or be ultra competitive at work, school, or any other endeavor and I'd say I am happier for it.

5.  Pugs are fashion hounds. 
Image Source

They have personal style but are not interested in trends. Pugs prefer a unique look, like our dashing friend Winston Wilbur with his love of hats, 

 and they don't let their body type prevent them from having fun with fashion. 

I also love having fun with clothes and dressing up, usually with a pug at my side.

Ping and her Dad outside gourmet pie shop For and Twenty Black Birds.
6.  Pugs are foodies, but not food snobs.  Pugs will eat it all from gourmet treats to milk bones.   I myself love everything from truffles to spam.

Baby Weasley and his dad outside a gourmet ice cream shop in Manhattan.
Tubby sampling a french fry.

7.  Pugs are Homebodies.  Pugs might enjoy walks and trips and socializing, but they are always glad to be in the comfort of home with the ones they love, and I agree.   There is no place I would rather be then in my home with my pug (and non-pug) family members at my side.

Which breed is your doggie doppelgänger?


  1. Love this post, Katherine! As you probably know, I am not someone who identifies strongly with one breed or another, but I am always fascinated by people who do. I love Pugs, too ... and they are one of my favorite breeds to interact with, and the people who own them (or who they own) are usually as friendly and personable as they themselves are. One more way in which Pugs and their people resemble each other. :o)

  2. What a fun post! I find myself similar to being non-athletic and homebodies :-)

  3. I'm a foodie too. And so are my sapiens! Love the starbucks fashion captured there

  4. Oh yes, I can see you and the pugs are perfectly matched! Is Bertie my Doppelgänger? Well yes and no. We are certainly both independent minded, full of curiosity and enjoy physical activity and neither of at all us likes dressing up. Bertie is definitely more excitable than me, but I (embarrassingly) am probably more obsessed by food than he is!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS See Bertie's blog today for more on Spam.

  5. Great post!!! We totally relate,especially the non athletic and homebody part, they don't call Mom the puglady for nothing BOL
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. i love this post! i think i'm like a pug too. i grew up with border collies but i KNEW they were too much for me when it was time to get a dog of my own (even though they are GREAT dogs!).

  7. Great post and it is nice to have similarities. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your loved ones.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. That was great hearing all about the pug, I want one now. Happy Valentines xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Hmmm, you know something, I just realized I'm more like a pug that I ever knew before! :D

    Very cute photos - your pugs are endlessly adorable!!!

    Big hugs & tons of joyful Valentine's Day wishes to all of you!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. You sure do have a lot in common with us pugs, which is certainly a good thing. I loved those flashback photos of Weasley as a pup - I forgot how tiny he was! Hope you all are having some fun in the snow and are staying warm.



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