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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summertime Style from Time Machine Vintage

I really, really, really hate the cold.  In fact I hate the cold so much that in the winter I don't even really want to get dressed, Id rather stay in footed pajamas all day.   Sure there are stylish vintage winter clothing options, and have some or plan to purchase some, but in the winter I'm mostly concerned with staying warm, and warm and stylish don't often go together.  That is one reason why I look forward to summer.  Summery dresses and hats are much more my speed.   

I had wanted a sunny yellow dress for a while and thanks to Time Machine Vintage, I got my perfect one.  The dress is from a pattern for a 1930s style house frock, basically what a lady would have worn back then to dust and vacuum.  Since I'm not much for house work I plan to wear my dress out.  This past weekend I wore iton a trip to a dog friendly long Island winery (details of the lovely day to follow on my other blog on Monday).  Since I'm big on sun protection I wore it with my vintage straw hat from Adeline's Attic.  Please excuse the not perfect photos I'm not too this, but the pugs are pros.

I really liked this old fashioned poster, I love a lady in hat.

Thanks to Finn's momma for taking this photo of me and my husband and the kids


  1. You are so welcome! It is a pretty dress.

  2. Very lovely dress. I like colors that make me smile and bright colors are good at that. They just seem to make you happy when you see them. I like the pattern of your fabric too.

    Great photos and looks like a very nice day for outdoor adventures.

  3. I know your husband was thrilled and proud to have you on his arm. The dress is lovely, and I'm a firm believer that yellow is a great compliment-getter.

  4. You look lovely. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. How wonderfully lovely! You're the picture of summertime style and sweetness (and may I just add, yellow looks incredible on you).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oh you look wonderful! I love the sunny yellow frock and your sunnies are super cute!


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