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Friday, January 6, 2017

Vintage Outfit Post-A Glamorous New Robe For a New Year

I wasn't the biggest fan of 2016, so I can't say I'm sorry to see it go.

But I'm starting out 2017 the right with a beautiful addition to my vintage  wardrobe, a 1930s style hooded negligee robe.  Stars in the 1930s really new how to do negligees to there full glamour potential.

However, despite how glorious they are I could never have really imagined myself in such a garment.  I  mean first off where ever would you find one?  And how exactly would  you wear it? Enter my vintage fairy God mother my beautiful friend Krystle Snook.

Krystle is a vintage expert who truly lives her life as if its 1932 and she is an incredibly talented designer and seamstress, one of many, many talents.  She also occasionally blogs at Krystle! Couturiere and Schneiderin   Chatting with  her on facebook we started to dream up a 1930s style negligee that would work for me.  I wanted something that would be comfortable, glamorous and covered up so a robe was the obvious choice.  

In addition to 1930s negligees like the ones I pictured here I was also thinking about a dress worn by Katherine Hepburn in one of my favorite movies, 1938's Bringing Up Baby (I did a cinema spotlight post on it here):

I love the  fabric of this dress as well as it's easy tie on style.   

The third inspiration for my robe was hooded evening wear and robes of the 1930s and 40s.

A look I've always loved.

Put those three ideas and you come up with my perfect 1930's style negligee: a hooded robe with simple fluid lines and a tie back made of a shimmery fabric.
Since Krystle is a genius she had no trouble drafting a pattern, sourcing fabric and buttons and getting my robe to me promptly for New Year's Eve.  It's so beautiful I just love it!


 Krystal even used authentic vintage buttons on the robe.

The fabric shimmers and flows beautifully, and the robe is very comfortable. 

In fact the only problem is it's so beautiful and I only wear it to lounge about at home!

Happy New Year, heres to a wonderful 2017!


  1. PAWFECT!!!! What a great outfit you must feel sooooo cool lounging!!!
    No worries if sumpeep drops in fur a visit, you will just look ELEGANT! I luffs it
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Wow! This is incredible! You can also pretend you're hosting a party in a vintage Sci fi film! I just got a red nylon peignoir, it's so pretty xxx

  3. Wow you do such a great job with your clothing. It's perfect
    Lily & Edward

  4. I haven't heard the word negligee in years. Love, love your outfit.

  5. ohhh when I saw this on Instagram I was instantly in love. What a fabulous purchase and really suits you. The hood is the best!

  6. Looks fabulous...with just a hint of Star Trek! SHE couldn't wear anything that long around here. We dogs bring in too much sand and leaves and stuff......the hem would be very dirty.

    1. Ha the hem is coated in pug hairs I chose,lame cause it's a slippery fabric attracts less hair

  7. I looooove it! You look very glam in those outfits! Great job.
    And cute glasses you got there, buddy! Hehe very festive :)
    Thank you for sharing. Keep up the fun posts!
    Take care,

  8. So that's the 1930's style robe you were talking about! It's really amazing and you look totally glamorous in it. Love the choice of fabric. You really do "shine". xxx

  9. Wow, you look so glamorous in your robe! Love the hood!

  10. This is fabulous. It looks great.

  11. Wow, the GLAMOUR! And there's something 'world of tomorrow' about it too. You look fab!

  12. It's really stunning. And so perfect for you, with the vintage elegance, but a little hint of sci-fi feel too!

  13. Love it! So perfect for it and it even has a bit of a vintage glamour Star Trek feel to it. <3


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