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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Old Lady Ping

Regular readers now that we have a sweet old lady in our house, little Ping who will be 13 in May. 

 Ping is not without her share of health problems, including liver disease, deafness  and arthritis.   Her liver issues are managed with a special diet and supplements but it makes anesthesia a bit risky.  Thats why I agonized and worried over her getting her teeth cleaned a few weeks ago.  My vet and I  put it off as long as possible, but eventually her teeth where so bad that she had loose ones in her mouth and was in pain, so clearly we had to do something.  She went under with my excellent vet and had several extractions and a cleaning.  I'm so glad I did it!   My vet uncovered an actual hole in Ping's palate caused by her bad teeth that he had no idea was there.  This was in a dog who had 3 other dentals and got regular brushings, so obviously Ping is just one of this dog's with bad teeth.  The dental has really improved Ping's over all health.   She's back to her old feisty self, she is even climbing stairs!

After my experience with Ping I'd tell anyone who has an old dog with very bad teeth, don't be too afraid to the dental.  I really wish we had done Ping's sooner.

On another note the hat I'm wearing in these pictures represents a vintage style danger I never foresaw.  

 Driving safety!  I wore it on Sunday while my husband and I where driving with the dogs to go on a walk down town and I had to take it off because it was so large he couldn't see to turn!  

I wonder if this was a regular issues for 1940s drivers.


  1. Big hugs to Ping fur being a BRAVE girlie and hafting her reefs done. You both look GREAT in your outfits, luffing the colour coordination
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Even without a hat my husband complains that my head is in his way sometimes! Thanks for letting people know about sweet Ping's teeth. Maybe it will encourage others to invest in the dental cleaning.

    1. I know some people worry about the cost for us it wasn't that it was the safety! I am always shocked though that pet insurance doesn't cover dentals which I disagree with. Its not just preventative care its treatment. We brushed Ping's teeth regularly, we have stopped now because with her 3 dentals she has only 4 teeth left and the vet said don't bother brushing as she hates it. Even with regular brushing though her teeth are bad. I realize its very individual dog to dog. When Norbert died as 12 and a half his teeth where in great shape, maybe due to brushing maybe luck. The smaller dogs seem to have more issues. I already see plaque on Tuvok and he is just 1 and gets daily brushing or tooth gel!

  3. Ping sure is a refined old lady... adorable!

  4. It's so wonderful that the dental improved Ping's health conditions! I'm so scared when Niko has to go for dental, so I understand how scary it is for you, especially considering her age. My boys get tooth brush, dental gel and bones, etc. but still, Niko gets bad teeth.
    Love your hat, even if it caused a bit of danger. Haha :-)

  5. Ping is SO CUTE. I just have a thing for senior pugs, and i love black ones with their grey faces!
    When we got Phyllis' dental about two years after getting her I couldn't believe how much her personality changed! She must have been in pain! She was missing about half of her teeth when we got her, so maybe she is one with bad teeth as well. It is so scary to put them under, so I"m like you, I agonize over it. I'm glad Ping is feeling better! She is a beautiful 13 years young.

  6. I just love Ping and am so glad her dental went well. I know what you mean, Dip had to have a tooth out about a year ago and I was on tenderhooks the whole time. There is nothing worse than toothache though and you can see they are so much happier when it is done.
    Lynne x

  7. Aw. So pleased Ping is doing well after her dental treatment.
    Love the hat and the dress.
    Cheers, Gail.

  8. Sweet Ping! Such a cuteiWe had our 17 yr olds (Char Shu) done and he did fine. Our vet worked with us to lessen the stress. they called just before they were ready for him and we took him in. we then brought him home as soon as the he began to wake up so he would be in familiar place.
    Bailey had some swelling last summer that antibiotics took care of for a while but then he got that terrible abcess over Christmas and forced a cleaning - I wish I had done it sooner
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. Ping looks so pretty in pink! Ruby is having a dental in a few weeks and I'm nervous for her.

  10. Ping is so adorable! Glad all went well with her dental! too funny about the driving dangers with your cute hat!

  11. Were so glad Ping is okay.. and that she feels even better now!She is such a beautiful girl!

  12. Can we all take a moment to thoroughly appreciate what a jaw-droppingly awesome chapeau that is! Love, love, love!!!

    That's awesome news about Ping. I hope she continues to do well all through 2016 and beyond.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Glad Ping is feeling better!

    Wilson will be 13 in may as well! On the 23rd.....

  14. What a sweet little old lady! She is darling! So glad the procedure went went! When we had our old sweet girl Murkurie I lived in fear of putting her under anesthesia so I know the fear you must have been going through! So glad she is doing so well! <3


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