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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Name is Mr. Tuvok

Back in early February Mr. Tuvok got his portrait taken by Valerie Bruder pet photography.  I think she did a fabulous job:

We got a portrait of Fry from her last year and Im so happy to have these great pictures of my youngest kids.  

Mr. Tuvok has been dealing with a problem though.  No one, and I mean no one, gets his name.  So far only my vet and a few of my coworkers have understood that he is named after Mr. Tuvok the enigmatic Vulcan security officer on Star Trek Voyager.

Just this week in the space of five minutes the groomer called him: Tuba, Tuna, and Tonna before I gave up.   Occasionally people call him Tupak and at least one person has thought he was named T-Bow.  Has no one seen Star Trek Voyager?  


  1. Regardless of what he's called, he is one handsome dude! And I'm in love with him. Can a 'rottweiler person' be in love with a small black poodle? The answer is YES!! And I love the new header :-)

  2. Not being a Trekkie I didn't get it. My kids are, so they would get it but he is one photogenic handsome dude and I love esoteric dog names.

  3. Oh dear, I'm afraid I could easily have made the same error, also not being a Trekkie. I guess its a hazard of having a distinctive and unusual name. And yes, he is so handsome.
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. Hate to admit we were in the dark until you explained his name BUT, we would have listened to call him the correct name!

    1. lol I spelled it twice. I'm not suprised people don't recognize it but why tuba

  5. Tuvok is adorable! Right here I must note that his name is underlined in red - meaning the software isn't recognizing it even though it appears as a name in this post 87 times! BOL! P.S. Tuvok is a much better name than "Tuna". Who would name their dog Tuna?!

  6. Awww this is such a fantastic portrait of Tuvok!
    Since I haven't watched Star Trek, I actually didn't know about the character until I read your blog. I learn new things here! Poeple have difficulty getting my boys' name, too :-)

  7. I love Star Trek Voyager! It was one of my favourite shows growing up. I think Mr Tuvok is an excellent name for such a handsome fella :)

  8. He is so handsome, we love that picture. We are sorry they don't get his name. stella rose

  9. I've watched other Star Treks and seen all the movies, but we never did watch Voyager - so I must admit, the first time I ever heard that name was on your blog. Of course it's much easier to get the name when you read it. Even with an easy name like Rita, I get a lot of folks saying "Frida" back at me!

    The photo is fantastic!

  10. Wow, really? That's fascinating. I'm sorry that he and you run into such issues with his adorable name. I got it instantly (that show was huge back in the day!) and think it's awesome name for a dog. Maybe you should take him to a Star Trek convention. Surely everyone there would "get it". :)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. LOL Tupak! Love pet photography and love these photos! Tuvok looks very dashing <3

  12. Loved Voyager. I love getting the professional pics done of the dogs. Yours are beautiful.

  13. He is handsome,,,
    were not trekkies,,, or know the show ,,, but we love his name.

  14. I really love Voyager and the name for a pet! :)

  15. I *did* get it, though I had to think - Voyager was my least favourite Trek. (Yeah, I even preferred Enterprise, which no-one seems to understand!) Tuvok makes a very good name for a dog.


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