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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Darwin Lite Award-The Mismatched Shoes

Today we are participating in Bouncing Bertie's Darwin Lite blog hop.

If you've visited our blog before you have probably noticed that our mom is pretty into her vintage style look.  She spends a lot of time watching old movies and analyzing the "pools", shopping for vintage clothes online, looking at pictures of people decades ago, planning outfits, and oohing and aching over dress and odd kitschy accessories owned by people who have long passed from this mortal toil.   Of course this time would be better spent shopping for dog toys and cooking for us, but thats another post.  Anyway you would think with all this time spent thinking about vintage fashion that our mom would be able to dress herself, but apparently you would be wrong.

A little over a year ago over her schools Spring vacation mom got up and got dressed.  She remembers she was wearing this outfit

and was very happy to be sporting a 1950s Mexican tourist jacket got for a song on Etsy and new Freddies of Pinewood jeans.  She even took time to accessorize with a chili pepper hair clip from luxulite and 1950s style red lipstick from Besame cosmetics   However, she didn't take the time to look at her feet because mom put on two mismatched shoes.  One black loafer and one navy blue, one with tassels and one without.  They didn't even look remotely alike.

Mom and Dad went out too lunch with a friend in Manhattan and had delicious bowls or ramen and tasty pork buns.  Then they went with their friend to look at apartments, the friend was moving.  Mom was introduced to two different real estate agents.  All the time blissfully aware of the mismatched shoes and thinking she looked cute.

Then while sitting on the path train on the way home she glanced down at her feet.  Horrors!  Never has she felt so aware of her lower appendages. She tried sitting on the train with one foot placed over the other.   Next, she and dad had to walk home, 20 minutes from the train station, the whole time mom was very aware of her feet.  Dad of course thought it was very funny.  Once home mom posted about the episode of Facebook.  Most of her Facebook friends responded that people probably thought the mismatched shoes were part of the "look."  However, mom has a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of 20th century fashion trends and she is fairly sure that mismatched loafers where never a thing.


  1. Mom would have been very embarrassed also.
    stella rose

  2. It must be a Mum thingy 'cos my Mum has been know to go places in her SLIPPERS!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I was a VERY shy child and accidently wore my fuzzy pink slippers to school. I very much know what being aware of one's feet feels like!

  4. Ah yes, another marvellous entry of the Darwin-lite Award. Its' going to be so hard to pick a winner. Extra points here 'cos we're dealing with a human who clearly tries quite hard with her appearance. (If it was Gail, I'm afraid people would think, oh yes, that's just what we'd expect…)
    Toodle pip!

  5. Years and years ago - our mom was working a graveyard shift. She went to work with her shirt on inside out! BOL!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Enjoyed this one-I think we have all probably done something like this.

  7. Hahaha, oh I'm sorry for your mom, but this is such a funny incident!
    I'm sure many people thought it was a part of the fashion :-)

  8. I bet as soon as you noticed them you were thinking everyone was looking at you. It's always the case. I haven't been out in mismached shoes but I've done it with earrings.
    Lynne x

  9. SHE's done the mismatched shoes, too.

    Years ago, SHE went to school, feeling good that day...favourite outfit. When SHE got home, SHE found a huge squashy cyst on her stomach which scared her. Turned out to be a shoulder pad!

    Humans need all the help we dogs can give them.

  10. Sorry, butt your mom looked SO fab that day no one even noticed her shoes!


  11. Too cute! Who has't done something like a time or two before!

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Cute story! I bet people saw her and went home to put on two different shoes themselves to try and imitate her unique style! :)


  13. LOL Such a cute post post! I love it! <3

  14. LOL poor mom, I can imagine her mortification! I had a friend once that went to work and looked down at her shoes and realized her puppy had chewed them and there were little puppy pin pricks all over the. :-)


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