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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cinema Spotlight-Dancing on The Edge

I don't usually do two cinema spotlights in once week  but I just finished watching Dancing on The Edge a BBC television drama released in 2013, (see I'm always behind the times and not just in what I wear.)  I can't say enough about  how much I loved this series.    It had a great plot with enough twists to keep it interesting, a handsome leading man who looked very dapper in a tuxedo, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, wonderful music, a diverse cast (sadly a rarity in many 1930s period shows and films), and of course amazing clothing.  

Day Dresses:

Really pretty print numbers and I love the belt.  

I love a women of a certain age with style and this look is perfect, Im particularly envious of the  hair

The sleeves on this claret colored dress are to die for


The wide legged pants, blouse and sweater, the whole look is divine
It's hard to see but this sweater has a bow, I can't resist a bow at the neck, and with the navy wide legged pants the whole looks is 1930s casual perfected


The above image show nice era appropriate  day coats
This looks like a very ornate almost 20s style evening coat and velt dress

Two examples of amazing velvet evening coats. 

Evening Gowns:

As a show about a jazz band the show has more evening looks then anything else.   There all beautiful.
This is my favorite of the evening looks, I love the strips.   

And of course there are hats:

For a period drama there actually aren't that many hats.   I think those that there are though are a great example of more wearable styles of the period.  My favorite is the large black sun style hat.  

And my favorite look of all:

The actress Wunmi Mosaku looks so beautiful here.  I love the bright collars, hat, scarf, bag, everything.  I particularly like how the velvet dress is being worn like a day dress.   
Evening if you don't have any interest in vintage clothing you should definitely consider watching Dancing on The Edge, my husband liked it nearly as much as I did and of course he has no interest in vintage!  


  1. I love the texture of the various fabrics and the way they catch the light.

  2. Oh my! I remember seeing a photo of the brunette in a knitted dress and wanted to see that picture. Now I'm really going to get on and watch it! Great post!!

  3. Wonderful fashions, I don't know whether to envy them or pity them, they can't have been comfortable to relax in.
    Lynne x

  4. They're just gorgeous. Have you chosen your next 'look'?

  5. Velvet coats, just how snuggly are they!!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Sounds like it's a great show. I definitely love fashion! That large black sun style hat is gorgeous!

  7. Oh, my friend recently mentioned this show to me and I'd already forgotten the name, so thanks for the reminder! And I had planned to watch it on my own, but if your hubs liked it maybe mine will too!


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