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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cinema Season Style Spotlight-Season 2 Part 1

Its been a long time since I did one of these, but here we go:
Season 2 of Poirot begins with one of the best episodes stylistically speaking. 
The private detective business must be going well because In Peril at End House Poirot and Hastings are once again on vacation at an exclusive resort where get a glimpse of a vacationing pug:

 They also meet a beautiful heiress in seemingly mortal peril.  The heiress Nick, wears gorgeous resort wear:

and has an equally stylish friend, Ellen, who dons an amazing graphic black and white dress and hat, that coordinates with her cigarette holder:

Both women have glorious loungewear

Then as if the fashion hasn't already been wonderful enough, Miss Lemon arrives on the scene to help Poirot investigate and of course she is dressed to the nines.  Her traveling suit is a lovely pale pink and you can just glimpse her  brown and white heels:

She even naps prettily:

There is also a nice brown dress on the most stylish secretary:

and an even more gorgeous grey and black dress and hat.  The dress has the most amazing sleeves and the hat is chic beyond words:

This an evening wear heavy episode with lots of glamorous looks:

Even Miss Lemon takes a break from her regular day wear and sports a glamorous evening gown and velvet gloves:

The last scenes show us Poirot, Hastings, Miss Lemon, and Jap on the beach enjoying some ice cream:

The second episode of season two, The Veiled Lady,  features a mysterious woman who claims to be the victim of a dastardly black mailer.  She easily charms Hastings with her beauty.  She first appears in a veiled hat and a green coat dress with a jeweled clasp

and later she wears a beautiful figure hugging burgandy dress and hat accessorized with white gauntlet gloves:

Miss Lemon is not much featured in this episode but she does get to wear a pretty navy blue polka dot dress and matching jacket.

The third episode The Lost Mine concerns a mysterious Chinese man who dies with a map leading to a lost silver mine in his hands.  Miss Lemon wears a lovely pale pink satin blouse in this episode:

At first glance it looks like an evening style, but Miss Lemon makes satin work wonderfully for daytime secretarial work.  She also wears a more conventionally day time look a brown dress with a large bow detail in orange tartan.

Another glorious dress in this episode is a brick red number with a rounded collar and deco detailing at the neck:

 Finally, in this episode she also wears a gorgeous geometric brown print blouse with a large bow:

The next episode, The Cornish Mystery, concerns a domestic love triangle in which a middle aged lady who fears her husband is poisoning her in order to get her out of the way and cozy up to his much younger secretary.  The lady who fears she is being poisoned by her husband is sedately dressed, as befits an innocent seeming victim, but I did lie her plain navy coat and dotted neck scarf:

And that's basically it for the looks in this episode, its a fine episode story wise, but it falls a bit short on the fashion end.

To be continued with Poirot Season Two, part Two.....


  1. Fun post! What's with the little curly-Q hairstyle?

    1. Those are called "kiss" curls and she's a bit young to be wearing them. They were popular with 13-16 y/os in the '30s.

    2. So sorry! I shouldn't have answered that for you! I never think!

  2. The first episode has some amazing outfits, so elegant. Miss Lemon is such a stylish dresser
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I just love the Poirot series! The fashions and Art Deco aspect of the show is a major plus! I'm glad you snapped a few of the fabulous ensembles!

  4. Thanks for the sugestion for the mega esophagus! I take her out for a short walk (arthritis don't ya know) but that idea of helping her elevate her head is a good one!

  5. Those outfits are so gorgeous. The characters wear them so elegantly!
    Oh, I love how Miss Lemon naps :-)

  6. They had the most amazing clothes didn't they.
    Must remember to do my fringe like that soon :D
    Lynne x

  7. I'm quite nostalgic for the elegance and grace of the time. Today's clothes leave me cold.

  8. oh my goodness all of these images are just drool worthy..sigh. I wish I could sew because I would be heading to the machine right now to copy all of these outfits.

    Such elegance, such beauty.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liz :)

    1. that was vintage inn liz (silly google kicking me out)

  9. They always look so elegant...says SHE as SHE pulls on her track pants and sweat shirt.

  10. It's so funny to watch old movies because no matter what they are doing they are always dressed to the nines
    Lily & Edward

  11. Love pretty much ALL of those hats, and also love the sparkly hair clip in the formal shots. But I must say I'm glad we're not living in a time when gals sport that big-scarf-on-the-head look. That will never be a look that I could pull off!

  12. Flat out marvelous post, my dear. I've been secretly hoping that you would share more in this fun ongoing series with us and think of you (and it) now each time I watch a period movie or TV series (on Netflix, as we haven't had cable for a couple of years now - didn't watch TV enough to justify the expense).

    Thank you for putting this together for us. It's swoon-worthy from start to finish!

    ♥ Jessica


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