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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tasty Tuesday-Shane Confectionery in Philadelphia

I've written before about the Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia.  It is one of my favorite places to visit a really picture perfect recreation of a vintage soda fountain.  

Image Source: 1920s Soda Fountain in Washington DC
Image Source: Franklin Fountain Today

The creators of Franklin Fountain weren't content with just an old school soda shop, they have a vintage candy store, Shane's Confectionery right next store, and just like the Fountain its a trip back in time.  We visited two weeks ago and had a good time shopping for the sorts of vintage candies I wasn't sure where made before.  In fact I  had been pretty sure that many of these candies had stopped being manufactured long before I was born.

If you are lover of sweets of vintage and you are in Philadelphia you simply must check out Shane's Confectionery.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have family in the area, so perhaps we will get there at some point.

  2. We want to plan a trip to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in general one day, so I will definitely keep these two delights in mind. I think the kids would enjoy them both as well. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. That looks great. I love anything vintage and home made. What a place!
    Lynne x

  4. Oh man, how did I not know about this place during the 18 months I lived in Philly?! Looks like a fun place!

  5. I had to go to the website to see whether they offered liquorice allsorts.
    They do!
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. Looks like a fantastic place to visit. Must put it on my visit list when I go to Virginia again.

    Only the first two photos downloaded, but it looks like a great place.

  7. Sounds tasty. What was your favorite soda? My dad says his favorite is Sioux City Sarsaparilla (and not just because they mention it in the Big Lebowski!).


  8. I'd love to visit there! I wish I knew the place when visited Philadelphia while back!

  9. What a seriously cool blast from the past! I wish more (every!) town still had a fabulous ice cream parlour like this. They're such a throwback to a time when life, at least in some respects, seemed simpler and more innocent.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. I enjoy vintage candy stores too, or pretty much anything really vintage. I agree--that feeling of innocence and simplicity is kind of soothing.

  11. When my husband's great grandmother arrived from Italy, she opened a tiny candy shop. The pictures of it look very much like the first picture (only it was much smaller). Unfortunately, the shop is no longer there.


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