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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Norbert's Birthday Flag Cake

Since Norbert was a guestimated 3 months old when we adopted him  12 years in early October we have always figured his birthday fell sometime in early July and we usually celebrate sometime around the fourth of July.  This year I made him a flag cake using the recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  Now this is definitely NOT a traditionally dog friendly recipe, but it certainly has nothing toxic for dogs, and while it has quite a bit of sugar I figured that for an impressive birthday like 12 Norbert deserved at least one decadent slice.




  1. Wow Happy Birthday Norbert that was one beautiful piece of cake. Wesa so glad you are feeling better. Tell your momma we always love the old pictures she puts on here of dogs and their families....
    stella rose

  2. Oh, once they're over 10 they definitely deserve something extra special! :) Looks delish! I did go the doggy cake route for Lola, but I splurged on a really nice one.

  3. Happy birthday to Norbert! The flag cake looks so cute and yummy!
    Looks like he enjoyed a lot :-)

  4. Oh my, you two are so cute and co-ordinated!

  5. Norbert your birthday cake looked sooooo yummy! I know it tasted as good as it looked! I hope your birthday was pawsome!

  6. Happy birthday, Norbert! What a delicious cake! Stay happy and healthy, big man!

  7. Happy birthday Norbert! He looks pretty pleased with his cake :)

  8. Such a cutie pie!!! I know I've said it before, but I must say again how much I adore the way you guys celebrate each of your pet's birthdays. You and your husband are awesome pet parents.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. That was very sweet. I bet Norbert had an awesome day. Happy Belated Birthday, Norbert!


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