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Friday, February 24, 2017

Vintage Outfit Post-A 1930s Style Drindl Dress From the Black Pinafore For A Trip To Mitsuwa Market

Recently I have been in the process of selling off a lot of my vintage wardrobe.  I'm certainly not giving up vintage, rather I want to fund new outfits, and I wan't to make sure everything I own is something I really love.   That's how I feel about this amazing 1930s style Drindl that Deborah From The Black Pinafore made me.  It just couldn't be better.

I emailed Debora some pictures of 1930s and 40s Drindl's I found online 

and asked her to make something similar, but with a hooded capelet, lately I've been really into hoods (see my amazing 1930s hooded robe).  The result is wonderful, very 1930s or 40s Disney Princess, or Hobbit!,  in the best way possible.

The artisan-ship on the Drindl is amazing.  The hooded capelet is hooded brow velveteen.  The sleeves are trimmed in the same velveteen as the cape and have zip closures.   The apron ties on and the white section is faux blouse trimmed with brown ribbon.  The entire dress zips up the back.  

Amazing Craftsmanship!

I paired the drindl with a 1930s deer brooch, 1930s gloves, thick winter tights from Amazon, my trusty American Ducess oxfords, a 1920s petite point purse and a hair flower from my beloved Chatterblossom.

I wore my Drindl to the Mitsuwa market place which is seriously one of my favorite places in the world.  Not only do they have the most delicious ramen:

But all of the Japanese supermarket items are incredibly cute:

And there is an amazing bookstore with tons of adorable animal books

and toys like this Ponyo puzzle.

I got a pug key cover that was sold out the last time I was here

and some super cute dog and cat buttons.

Here they are on my Freddie's of Pinewood jeans jacket.

Perhaps I should have left the pug life button though because it may be a bad influence on Fry and Weasley as they could be embracing their inner thug.   On Wednesday there was a drive by shooting less then a block from our home and I was in the back yard with all of the dogs.  Tuvok was terrified and ran toward me, but Fry and Weasley ran towards the gate and the sound of the shooting.  It was very scary but we got inside safely and no one was hurt.  (The bullets missed whoever the intended target was.)   There are definitely downsides to living in the city, but Mitsuwa Market is an upside.


  1. You are all set for Oktoberfest now!

    What a great day out. Our markets are pretty boring...

  2. The capelet is really adorable

  3. all very nice!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. You're looking cute in that dirndl dress, Kate. I especially love the capelet! xxx

  5. Love your dress. The hood is my favorite part!
    I'm glad you were all ok when the drive by shooting occurred. Stay safe xoxo

  6. Such a cute outfit! You described it perfectly when you said it was 1930s or 40s Disney Princess, or Hobbit <3 That market looks amazing and so much fun to browse through. Sorry to hear about the shooting in your neighborhood. Glad to hear everyone is alright though.

  7. What a lovely outfit!
    How scary that shooting must have been, glad you're all safe xxx

  8. Thats a really unusual and pretty dress.
    Love the Japanese items.
    Lynne x

  9. Well that sounds terrifying! It's always extra worrying when something scary happens and you have to look after pets/kids as well as yourself and their reaction isn't going to be the cleverest.

    That dirndl though is fabulous and I love how you've styled it - the colour of the tights is a perfect complement to the greys.

  10. Yooza! I'm glad that you and the family are okay. That is scary. yes city life is not always ideal.

    Now your dirndl..Love it! I have wanted a 40's/50's dirndl for awhile for all my oktoberfesting I do (and just being german). I am holding out for vintage one but maybe I might breakdown one day and just get one made. Love accessorizing as well :)

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