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Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunny Stripes for April Showers A Vintage Outfit Post

The weather has been decidedly odd this year, 60 plus degree days in February and now in April when things should be warming up temperatures are dipping into the 40s  Not my cup of tea at all since I love warm weather and have an urge to sport my spring time fashions rather then being stuck in sweaters.

Basically I want tot live in this picture

 I did manage to put together one spring timey outfit the first weekend of April.  I think its a particularly good outfit for a rainy day, which this was, and of course we all know that spring showers

bring May flowers.  

I built my outfit around a Hey Day Judy dress in Penny Arcade, one of the prettiest and most versatile prints I've ever encountered, a bright multicolored stripe, with orange, red, and turquoise among the colors.   I love the Hey Day Judy dresses.  They are super comfortable with an adjustable tie belt that acommodates a range of sizes, I'm usually a 12 or a large in Hey Day clothes, but I wear a medium in the Judy dresses.   Judy dresses are also great for vintage fans like myself who appreciate a range of eras because the cut is based on a 1950s style but could be 1940s, or even 30s.  Though I really do think that the playful primary print on my dress, which I was lucky enough to nab on sale along with several other Hey Day items after New Years, places it firmly in the 1950s.  It just has the bright playful look that I love from that era.

The different colors in the stripes give plenty of options for accesorizing with different colors.  I choose to focus on the turquoise and added a vintage head scarf and gloves.

The stripes also scream for bakelite so I wore almost my entire bangle collection.

I kept my shoes neutral, a cute comfy pair of Playtime wedges from Remix.

My favorite accessory in the outfit though is my vintage doll purse.  These where originally intended for children but I love them.   I had another one I showed in this post, but tragedy struck and the head fell off.  So I was thrilled when I found another.  I love this little lady with her big sun hat and tropical accents.

Spring is all too fleeting make sure you cherish every moment!  

Outfit Details

Judy Dress in Penny Arcade Print-Hey Day Vintage Clothing
Playtime Shoes in Tan-Remix Vintage Shoes
Bakelite Bangles-Brighter Bakelite
Turquoise Gloves-The Road Less Traveled
Turquoise Scarf-Dorthea's Closet
Vintage Doll Purse-W.Kay Vintage


  1. I feel cheated when there is bad weather on spring days. We have just a limited number of them.

    I love how the turquoise accessories pick up the stripe in that lovely dress. That is the sort of detail that i enjoy matching in my own outfits. That children's purse is the perfect finishing touch.

    (Did vintage women have 15 inch wastes like the patterns pictures show?)

    1. People where way smaller. I'm an l to XL in vintage sizes and a M in modern US

    2. People where way smaller. I'm an l to XL in vintage sizes and a M in modern US

  2. I used to love looking through my mom's old dress patterns. I remember them looking very much like the first two pictures.

  3. Wow, your dress is remarkable! Those colorful stripes sure give many color options for accessories. I love your doll purse. Intersting to know it was intended for children because it looks so natural as lady's purse :-)

  4. I love the way you've accessorised the dress. I agree with you, the Heyday Judy dresses are brilliant. Easy to wear, and great quality. I bought one last year and it's been worn pretty much every week since then and still looks good.

  5. Now that is lots of stripes!

  6. Fantastic frock! This is one of my favorite current offerings from Heyday. Anytime a slew of colours combine harmoniously in the same repro dress, I'm instantly a fan. I really like how you've styled it here, complete with a coordinating rainbow of bangles. So lovely!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love that particular Judy dress, it's so gorgeous in all those different colours. I love that you've harmonised the turquoise stripe with some of your accessories, that's exactly the colour I would go for. x

  8. So cute! Love the colors, and the shoes and purse are perfect!

  9. The gloves and scarf combo! Adorable! I love the rain coats in that vintage ad. Everything was more stylish back then O_O eeeeverything

  10. Gorgeous outfit! I love the turquoise accents you added to it and those shoes are just perfect! <3


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