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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pink Hair and Pigs

For the past few months I've been thinking pink

Pink hair.  Inspired in part by this picture of Bridgette Bardot sporting a rosey blonde bob

 and in part by my new flamingo vans and purse

I finally got up the courage to go pink this weekend I  had my hair stylist Sharon at Artistic Hair in jersey city, who is super nice (she has me in the gallery on her website), lighten my blonde and dye the front pink.  I really love it, its so fun and springy!

 Its very close to the rosey Bardot color I wanted

Sadly it will wash out quickly so I have to figure out how to maintain it myself and I've ordered some manic panic cotton candy pink dye so I can try to do it myelf.   

In addition to the fun of pink hair we had a very nice weekend.  Jersey City, or at least the down town area if not our neighborhood, is getting very trendy.  Every time I walk there I see new restaurants and shops.  On Saturday we had brunch at Talde, its been in town around year so not really new,

they have really Asian fusion food and we tried Reuben spring rolls, sausage, egg and cheese fried rice and corn pancakes, and I had a delicious, and strong, Bloody Mary.  In retrospect the sausage, egg, and cheese fried rice may gave been a mistake because on the way out of our favorite book store Word we saw a pot bellied pig out to brunch with his people.

He was so cute, and he seemed to be getting along well with this passing dog.  The owner let me feed him some cheerios.    I'm not sure Jersey City is zoned for pigs but I sure wish this guy and his pig luck I've heard horror stories about supposedly mini-pigs growing to massive sizes.   Sadly this leads to many getting abandoned in rescues, but this guy did seem appropriately smitten with his pet.

On Sunday we tried another new burger restaurant and brought Fry and Tuvok along.  I forgot to take a picture of our burgers but they were very good, and Fry and Tuvok got some too of course and an ice cream, I forgot to get a picture of that too.


 We hope you all had great weekend.

 PS-We could use some juju for Weasley he is going  to the vet for a dental and extractions on Thursday.  He is only four but his teeth have a lot of plaque.  The anesthesia makes me very nervous but I know he needs the procedure.


  1. You are looking so "Pretty in Pink" (I figured I'd get that out of the way ;-)! I'm so happy to hear Jersey City is getting trendy, living in Jersey in the 70s thru the 90s, it's always nice to hear things are getting better and not worse in NJ!

    Lots of POTP for Weasley during his procedure!

  2. Love the hairdo! Very chic, love reading your blog, thanks for the post!

  3. Love your new hair color! It is so cute on you! I'd love to play around with colors but my hair is so dark and it takes a lot to lighten it! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. How fun to see that pig out! My fingers are crossed for Weasley. Hope the cleaning goes well! :D

  4. You look fantastic in your new hair color! It must have taken really lot of courage to go pink...but the result is super! The color looks very natural and you look so beautiful!
    What a fun surprise to meet a pig on the street. He is very cute :-)
    I hope Weasley's dental will go smoothly xoxo

  5. I would like to go pink after seeing how cute it looks on you and Bridgy. For a while I thought i was too sophisticated for pink, but I love it and am back to wearing it.

  6. Cute - looks like fun for the summer!

  7. Very springy! We will keep Weasley in our thoughts on Thursday - we are sure he will do fine!
    Mr Bailey, hazel & mabel

  8. Hi there! I just wanted to pop over and say that every time someone joins my blog with Google I will donate $2 to a local pet rescue! My Dachshund, Christmas, is running for mayor of Blogville, too, so you can also check out some of his latest campaigns. Oh, here's the link to my blog if you haven't visit us already...

  9. Fun weekend! Cute pig, and I love the pink hair! Such a pretty shade! Good luck, Weasley!!! (My sis would totally covet those flamingo shoes and purse!)

  10. I hope Weasley is okay, poorly furbabies are such a worry.

    Wow to your flamingo bag and pink tresses! I have such a thing for flamingos x

  11. Your flamingo purse is AMAZING!!!!!!

    Sending huge healing wishes Weasley's way.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. I think your PINK hair looks fantastic! My dad told me he used to dye his hair back in his younger days (green, fire-engine red, blue, etc). I can't believe you met a little pot-bellied pig - how cute! I hope Weasley's dental went smoothly - I know it can be stressful for both human and pug!



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