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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vintage Nautical Nonsense with a 1930s Terry Beach Cape

I've long admired the gorgeous 1940s style of Esther Williams both in

And out of the water.

Esther gets my vote for most stylish 40s and early 50s star.   I love the touch of whimsy in her outfits and the bold colors.   One of her most interesting looks is in 1944's Bathing Beauty when she dons a Mexican style cape as a beach cover up: 

Now, a cape may not be the first thing most people think of when it comes to beach ware, but on further examination Esther's cover up choice proves to be fairly practical.  A cape is easy to take on and off, provides good protection from the sun, covers a bathing suit modestly, and depending on fabric drys easily.  I've always had Esther's cape in my mind as the ideal beach cover up. Which Is why 
I fell in love with Guermantes Vintage's rare 1930s terry beach cape.  It was my end of the school year, before summer school, splurge and I love it.  

It has amazing anchor and sailboat details, as I've discussed before I love a nautical look.  I decided to wear my cape for a trip to Sandy Hook beach in the Atlantic Highlands.  This is my favorite beach because it's close to our home and has some relatively empty stretches. 

As a bonus it has the adorable Zoe's Vintage Kitchen which has tasty and affordable food and adorable vintage decor.  They have a yummy  a cream cheese omelet, a special comfort dish for me because my late Dad made them. 

I'm no Esther, and I failed to go to the beach in full makeup and perfect hair. So pardon my frizzy hair and lack of makeup in the following photos of the cape. 

In case you are wondering my 50s style swim suit is from What Katie Did 

I love my cape !  It's in great sturdy condition and totally washable.  I can't believe it's over 80 years old!!! Now I'll be in perfect vintage style for all my summer beach adventures, minus the hair and makeup!


  1. Oh! I love it too much! What a wonderful piece of fashion beauty!!

  2. i LOVE that cape! I've never seen anything like ie, but a cape really is the perfert coverup! Have you read Esther Williams autobiography million dollar mermaid? It is one of the best celebrity bios I've ever read!

  3. I love Esther Williams. I always wondered though how she could smile with full teeth on display under water and not get a mouth full of swimming pool.

  4. Love the cape...and your suit. It's great you have a beach so near you...

  5. So fabulous! Your passion for vintage beach/summer wear is comoletely inspiring!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. And this reminds me to get on some kitschy summery adventures asap. You look adorable and I looove that cape! :D love!

  7. You look fantastic in the cape! I love it, looks pretty and also very practical!

  8. What a fantastic diner, straight out of the 1950's.
    Gorgeous cape!
    Lynne x

  9. It certainly makes a cute and functional cover up!

  10. Very went to a ton of vintage shops over the weekend
    Lily & Edward

  11. Very cool! And, WOW, 80 years old!

  12. Fabulous cape! Wow! It's almost as old as my mom. :) Great idea for a perfect beach cover up. (I never heard of a cream cheese omelet before. Sounds interesting!)

  13. I love Esther Williams! It's always fun to watch her movies and gaze at her costumes and make up! Also, that's such an awesome find with that beach cape! I love the nautical designs on it! It is so cute!! It's also so much fun to see that there's a retro style diner you like to go to when you go to the beach! Looks like such an awesome day you had!


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