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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flapper Friday-Flapper Flower Children

While the 1920s are primarily known fashion wise as the decade of bobbed hair, garters, and rising hemlines there was another prominent satorial movement during the decade:  bohemian chic.   Forty years before the 1960s hippies wore flowers in their hair and donned gypsy blouses,flowing scarves, and embroidered folkloric dresses, the women of the twenties were sporting them all. 

And looking amazing doing it. 

I decide to put together my own summer  flapper flower child look. I paired an embroidered 1920s or 30s blouse, with my favorite chatter blossom flower crown.  Then I added an armful of Bakelite, a 1930s crochet purse, 

and a 1940s style skirt from Jitterbuggin that looks super cute but admittedly doesn't match the era. 

It's a little hard to see in my pictures but the blouse has really amazing detail. It's a really fun summer outfit.   Now I'm all ready for flapper Woodstock.  


  1. OH! Splendid post! I've always had a true love for peasant blouses of beautiful gauzey fabric and rich, detailed embroidery. Ever since I saw Neysa Mcmein in one in the 20s I had to have one, but I still don't. I didn't want someone accusing me of sporting the 1970s look. You're ensemble doesn't look '70s, is inspiring and lovely and I should just get over it and make one of my own anyway. And great crown! The colors of the flowers all together sends me! Is that cornflower in there? I adore cornflower!

    1. It is cornflower. I love that too. I also wanted to avoid a 70s look not my fave era lol

  2. You look amazing, the flowers in your hair are just pawfect fur the summer
    Loves and licky kisses
    PrincessLeah xxx

  3. Magnificent outfit! You wear hair flowers and crowns so well. Of all the looks of the 1920s, the boho style is by far my favourite and the one that I'd be most apt to wear nowadays from that decade.

    Super happy 4th of July wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love the embroidery and embellishments on your blouse! And that crown goes so perfectly with it! <3 Love the colors!!!


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