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Monday, March 2, 2015

Ten Vintage Items I'm Dreaming of For Spring

Technically I'm still without a computer, but I really miss blogging, so I'm borrowing one to write this post.  Hopefully I will have my computer back and fixed or I will have an I-Pad to blog with by this weekend.   I apologize if I haven't been getting around to all your blogs.

So are you sick of winter yet?  If you live anywhere in the eastern or midwestern United States then I'm guessing your answer is yes.  I really can't remember a colder, slushier, or more generally miserable February.  We have been spending most of our time bundled up indoors:

and I'm beginning to get a bit stir crazy.   While I look out the window at the mounting piles of snow and slush and ice I find myself day dreaming of beautiful vintage items to wear when Spring finally makes its much longed for appearance:
image source

So with February finally over I decided to make a list of the ten vintage, or vintage inspired items that I find myself most lusting after for this Spring, I certainly won't be getting everything on this list, but a girl can dream right?  

1) Hey Day Vintage's Mary Dress in Let's Polka:  

Of course technically Spring doesn't begin until March 21, but we all know that St. Patrick's day is the first Holliday with a bit of Spring in the air (even if its slush and snow outside).   

image source
and what could look better on St. Patty's day then Hey Day's 1940s inspired dress in gorgeous green and white polka dot.

Image Source: Hey Day Online
Hey Day is a fantastic company and their Mary dresses are my favorite of all their offerings.  Comfortable, period appropriate, and flattering these are easy wear 1940s dresses that can go from casual to dressy events.  They are also not to extreme in design and thus a perfect choice for the vintage newbie.

2) Hey Day Mary Dress in Butterfly Two Tone

Image Source Hey Day Online

See I really love those Mary Dresses!  This is the one I plan to wear myself this Spring, particularly for the New York Easter Parade. 

image source

 The combination of grey and blue seems very Springy to me and I think it will pair nicely with a 1940s floral hat.  Also while its a very different style dress something about it reminds me of the one worn by Judy Garland in 1948's classic film Easter Parade.  

3) Nudee Dudee Overalls-  I just love overalls.  There such a practical, comfortable article of clothing, perfect for gardening, biking, dog walking, or just loafing around.  After all Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer wore overalls and surely they new how to relax.

Overalls were worn by working women in the 1940s for practical reasons:

Image Source-Vintage Dancer
but as you can see in the image above, they were flattering too.  Nudee Dudee's Rosie Overalls in Chambray Denim are a pretty much perfect copy of the 1940s originals.

Image Source-Nudee Dudee
4) Nudee Dudee's 1940's style Sophie Blouse-This beautiful lavender colored flower sprigged blouse is the essence of Spring and it would pair beautifully with casual overalls or a dressier skirt.

Image Source-Nudee Dudee
5) 1930s Bias Cut Lime Green Dress with Studded Belt from Fab Gabs-Have a fancy Spring time even to attend like a wedding.  This bright Springy dress would be perfect.  It may be a bit out of most people's price range, but its a gorgeous vintage original in pristine condition:

Image Source-Fab Gabs

6) Antique Edwardian Blouse in Powder Pink from Fab Gabs-Want to explore an even earlier decade through vintage?  This gorgeous pale pink Edwardian blouse is perfect.  Its such a pretty color and those amazing sleeves!   I can see this being worn period appropriate, as it is below, or more casually with jeans:

Image Source-Fab Gabs
7) 1920s Style Wide Brimmed Cloche from Lady Eve's Millinery-Want to shield your complexion from the Springtime sunshine?  You couldn't do it more prettily then this gorgeous wide brimmed cloche in beautiful pinks and greens:

Image Source Lady Eve's Millinery

I have a number of Lady Eve hats and they are all gorgeous and wonderfully authentic with the added bonus of being far sturdier then actual vintage.

8) Vintage Pink and Navy 1950s hat with Curled Feathers from Adeline's Attic-Speaking of Vintage Hats this veiled 1950s number is a real stunner, and offered at a bargain price for a genuine vintage hat.   I think it would look gorgeous paired with pink gloves and a navy dress:

Image Source Adeline's Attic
You won't get to wear it with the pretty crochet gloves pictured above because lucky me I snagged them from Adeline's Attic a few months ago.  

9) 1940s or 50s  Pink Nylon Gloves from Chronically Vintage Speaking of vintage gloves this pretty pink pair from Chronically Vintage's Etsy shop is perfect for Easter and reasonably priced.

Image Source Chronically Vintage

10) Pastel Floral Crown from Chatter Blossom Spring of course is time for flowers and you couldn't find a prettier way to wear some spring blooms then this beautiful crown made from 1950s millinery flowers by Chatter Blossom.


Here's to wishing for a lovely Spring right around the corner:


  1. Wow those are some amazing items! yes, this weather does have a way of stifling creativity in apparel.

  2. My first thought was that your PC must be fixed....alas...not yet. I am hoping spring comes soon but am a tad skeptical. After the way this past month was, spring will have a very hard time getting a foothold, I fear.

  3. We have not had the snow, which is not normal for us, but we have the cold. the pugs are so ready for warmer weather
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. This is such a stellar list!!! You've got me hurrying to add some of the entries on it to my own vintage fashion wistlist (especially the Sophie blouse from Nudee Dudee). What a fabulous surprise to see a listing from my shop here, dear Kate. Thank you immensely for making Chronically Vintage a part of this super stylish spring fashion post. I'm very touched!

    Big hugs & happy start of March wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Our Winter is awful but nowhere as near as bad as over there. Our hearts go out to you.
    Ooo, those are some wonderful vintage pieces, good luck with getting some (or all) of them!
    Lynne x

  6. Have a brilliant photo of my mum in bell-bottoms from the 1940s.

    We've just started Autumn, but we're finally getting hot, summer weather....go figure.

  7. I think snuggling down and waiting for Spring is a pawfect idea.
    Mum is looking very closely at the dress in number 2, I finks there could be something like that on the sewing table before long!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. I love the Easter Parade dress, so beautiful

  9. Love that first polka dot dress. Don't think I could pull off the hat or gloves... Not with my usual yoga pants and tshirt ensemble. Good luck with the computer! (I find it a real pain to try and blog on my iPad!)

  10. I would happily wear any of these outfits if spring would appear and melt the snow!

  11. Those are some great looks there and we are sure you are all desperate for the first signs of Spring. Hope it comes soon. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Awww thank you for all the colorful items. Here in the south, this winter has not been too bad but I sure hope spring is just around the corner. I love love love the #4 blouse. What a beautiful color and design!
    You look very pretty in the flower crown! Happy March!

  13. So which ones will you choose?

    We are so ready for the snow and ice to be gone, really it just seems like it was such a horrible winter.

  14. Those are some pretty things... I esp love the Sophie blouse (and not just because of the name... but maybe a little, lol).

  15. Great choices here. Hope some of them make their way into your wardrobe!

  16. Lovely picks! My favorites are the two Hey Day dresses! So gorgeous! <3


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