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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish-A St. Patrick's Day Vintage Outfit Post

Green, along with navy blue, is my favorite color and food wise I'm very partial to both Irish Soda bread and corned beef.  I may be one of the few people who has long believed that Irish, as well as English, cooking is superb.  So it's no so surprise that I enjoy St. Patrick's Day.   I particularly. that the Holliday seems to usher in Spring, and for vintage lovers Spring of course should be celebrated with new old clothes. 

I didn't actually buy  the dress and hat in the following picture with St. Patrick's day specifically in mind, though in retrospect you could hardly find a more St. Patty's day appropriate outfit.   I just wanted a 1930s style dress in dark green with tartan accents and a green and a hat to match.   I've actually  had the dress for sometime, it was made by Kim of Time Machine Vintage, before she closed up her Etsy shop and as usual she did a great job.  its a simple comfortable dress and like most 1930s dresses is very easy to wear.

Kim always pays attention to the details and in addition to lovely hunter green fabrics in tartan, sheer, and silk faille (which coincidently perfectly matched some suede gloves I found at the salvation army) she accented the dress with an authentic 1930s belt buckle.

 The hat is from my favorite Etsy hat shop Lady Eve's Millnery and like all her hats its a picture perfect replica of a 1930s fedora.   

 Honestly though other vintage style lovers may consider this statement sacrilege, I think I prefer her hats to genuine vintage because they look the same and are just so much sturdier.  I have three hats from her and I love everyone of them.  I made a pic-collage of my growing Lady Eve collection below:

In addition to the gloves and hat I accessorized my dress with a 1940s or 50s St. Patrick's day novelty brooch that I got last year.  

All in all I am really happy with the outfit but taking the  pictures did make me more then a little sad because it reminded me of last year's St. Patrick's day photo shoot when I took pictures with my darling Norbert.  I miss my big baby so much.  I know I was very lucky to have him in my life for 12 and a half years, so many dog parents don't get that much time with their babies.  Still even with all my worrying I don't think I ever expected him to be gone so soon.  Cherish every moment the time is so much shorter then you think.  


  1. That buckle is amazing! I always love to see how you style your gorgeous outfits!
    Happy St Patricks Day
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Wow, I love the dress. Especially the belt buckle, it looks fantastic!
    The photo of you and angel Norbert is very sweet. You and he are very lucky to have had each other for so song though it's never enough. Hugs xoxo

  3. WE love the picture of Norbert, and we know just how much you miss him, you look so cute...stella rose

  4. You're not alone in the slightest! I adore British and Irish cooking and having lived in Ireland for a while, can personally attest to how sublimely delicious a lot of the traditional and modern Irish fare alike is. I still crave some of it - very much include the uber creamy Irish butter that was nearly dirt cheap there - to this day!

    Gorgeous, festive outfit, sweet Kate. You look sensational!!!

    Happiest St. Patrick's Day wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Happy St Pat's Day! What a great wearin' of the green.

  6. Cool outfits as always. Have a terrific Tuesday and happy St Patrick’s Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Happy St Patricks Day! What a lovely memory of Norbert
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. Swoon...that dress is amazing! It IS a perfect St. Patricks outfit..just perfect. Gosh I'm sad that Time Machine Vintage shut her shop down. I had the most amazing 1940s two piece made by her and was itching for some Beach Pajamas. Sigh..

    Hope you had a wonderful day :)


  9. I love looking at your style sets. This is wonderful.

  10. It's a lovely dress, and I love that picture of you and Norbert. Isn't it nice that we can have the pictures and memories to help keep them close to us?

  11. Super cute outfits! I love them all! <3


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