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Friday, January 23, 2015

Fridays with Fred-Vintage Style Icon Phyllis Astaire

Fred Astaire had a decades long career that famously defied initial Hollywood expectations, most Astaire fans have heard the story of the initial dismissive studio report generally quoted as "can't act, slightly bald, also dances." But Fred had another thing that lasted decades and defied Hollywood expectations, his marriage to Phyllis Potter which lasted from 1933 to her death in 1954.   Phyllis was a 25 year old socialite with a young son from a previous marriage when Fred met her.  However, she was not involved in the Hollywood scene and had little interest in dancing or movies and no desire to be in the media spotlight.   Despite of this, or perhaps because of it, Fred and Phyllis had a reportedly blissful marriage and Fred was devastated when she died at the age of 46 from lung cancer.   There aren't that many picture of Phyllis around, despite her famous husband she didn't necessarily seek the spotlight, but the ones there are show that like Fred, she had great style.   The images below are ones I could find on the internet of Phyllis looking lovely in understated fashions, she may not have been as stylish as her husband (or as in love with the camera), after all who could have been, but in every picture I've seen she embodies a comfortable, simple style, that suits her perfectly:
I love this dress and hat and the shoes!  A perfect combination, this is something I'd definitely wear


I like the socks and shoes combo here, and the cut of the skirt

I love the shape of the black hat she is wearing here

The above outfit is my favorite, the dots, the hat, the scarf, and how it compliments her husbands outfit.  This is one time Phyllis may have been as stylish as Fred


  1. They do make a very stylish couple, I love those dress, very elegant!
    I didn't realise how famous Fred's sister was until I read the Duchess of Devonshire's biography
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. those were the days!!! stella rose's momma

  3. What a stylish couple. Never even heard of or thought about Fred's home life. Sounds like he had a great place to relax.

  4. People just don't seem to have style like that any more - except for you of course :)
    Lynne x

  5. There was such an elegance of how they dressed back then.

  6. Wow , those are the coolest photos ever!

  7. Those were the days when elegance and classy dressing was the thing. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. I think anytime a Hollywood couple can make their marriage work is very commendable. Classy, and not just their stylishness.

  9. I want those SHOES!! Please do a post on vintage shoes. I want to oggle some fancy footwear!!


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