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Friday, July 22, 2016

Sci Fi Saturday-Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience at The Intrepid Air and Space Museum

As every trekkie knows this year marks the 50th anniversary of the greatest Sci-Fi franchise of all time.

There are many things in the entertainment world I'm passionate about (Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Mystery Science Theatre Three Thousand, Futurama,etc.) but my love for Star Trek surpasses everything else.  This probably sounds completely ridiculous to a non-fan but for me Star Trek goes way beyond a television show, its an entire fictional world that has had a major influence on my life.   

I really love the philosophy behind Star Trek, the idea that humanity can better itself through science and exploration, that isolationism and fear of the unknown is destructive and limiting, and that people from different backgrounds can work together.  It might sound hokey, but that is a message that we are sorely in need of today.   The world is in turmoil, just as it was in 1966 and  Gene Rodenberry's message is more relevant today then ever before.   

Now I'll step down of my Star Trek soap box and get to the point of this post.  Last Saturday I attended the Star Fleet Academy Experience at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum.  This is an interactive exhibit that allows fans of the show to have many hands on experiences.   I really thought it was a lot of fun.

There were plenty of attendees in Star Trek uniforms, but I wore my Trashy Diva sci-fi rockets dress and a small Star Trek pin.  This dress is one of the first vintage style things I bought about 4 years ago and it remains one of my favorites.  My purse is a metal Star Trek lunch box that a friend of mine whose brother owns a hobby shop gave me.  It contained a plastic Spock model but I'm not a model builder so I  use it as a purse.

The exhibit wasn't actually inside the Intrepid museum, it had a separate entrance. The fee was twenty five dollars which I think was pretty reasonable.

The first thing you see going in is a model of the original Enterprise ship

and a fictional time line of Star Trek history.

There are different uniforms and costumes displayed which I really liked since Im a huge fan of Star Trek style.

A Ferenghi costume for the Grand Nagus.

 One of the sexy 60s looks from the Original Series.

 Comander Tuvok's uniform from Voyager.  Of course I loved this one since he is the name sake for my own Mr. Tuvok.

Captain Kirk's uniform from the Original Series!

A uniform from Voyager and Captain Picard's Robin Hood outfit from a Next Generation episode.

There where also plenty of props on display:

What I loved about this exhibit though was that it went beyond costumes and props, it was set up like the ship with different sections for the different areas of Star Fleet: Engineering, Medical, Science, Tactical, Communications, and Command.  In each section there were interactive displays and games and at the end of the exhibit they told you what area of Star Fleet you were best suited for, I got communications.

Each section had a hall of fame with pictures of characters who worked in that area:

I'm one of the few Trekkies who love the Wesley Crusher character, he had the best sweaters, so I had to take my picture next to his hall of fame  section.

There were also different games and tests for each section:

In  command you watch videos of different captains from the show and read about how they make decisions.

Engineering had quizzes and displays about parts of the ship.

Another section had a planet you could scan so you could see where to land during an emergency.

I particularly liked sick bay where you scanned and diagnosed an injured Klingon.

And of course there was a transporter

The last and best part was the bridge.   

You could take the  Kobayashi Maru.  The famous no win Star Fleet test Kirk won by reprograming (I lost twice)

Sit in the science, tactical, and navigation stations:

and of course the Captain's Chair:

All  in All I really thought this was a great exhibit and a must for any Trekkie who can attend.  Live long and prosper.  


  1. So you are a Trekkie? I wouldn't mind visiting that museum, and I wouldn't mind the dress you're wearing either! xxx

  2. Super awesome exhibit and outfit to wear to it. Your passion for all things Star Trek is downright contagious, dear Kate (and I say that as a wholly positive thing, I assure you).

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    PS: Love your lunchbox purse!

  3. That is so cool! I can see you were both loving every minute there.
    Thank you for your kind words for Dip.
    Lynne x

  4. Great outfit, for a fantastic day out. Not a fan of Sci-fi, but flew to Sydney for a day to see the Harry Potter exhibition...props from the movies, so I know your excitement!

  5. I am a total Trekkie! That sounds like a lot of fun for $25!
    Love Noodles
    PS - Wesley Crusher rocked!

  6. What a fantastic exhibit. I'm not a Trekkie, but I could totally get into this. Such great imaginations and creativity.

  7. What a fun exhibit!
    Mr Bailey, hazel & mabel

  8. Wow, that looks such a fun exhibit! I love the photo from sick bay where you did scanning :-) Captain's chair must be a popular spot in the exhibit!

  9. While I'm not a Star Trek fan, my mum is so I feel a sort of familiarity with it all, and that looks like a really fun exhibit. I love it when there are things to do and interact with as well as more traditional displays.

  10. That looks like a brilliant exhibition. Your outfit is fab; appropriate but not a costume, and uniquely you.

    I didn't mind Wesley Crusher. I can't think of any Trek characters who really annoyed me (though, I confess, I don't regard the recent films as 'proper Star Trek').

  11. So awesome! I love the sick bay exhibit and the transporter is the best! Being able to take the Kobayashi Maru is so awesome too! Looks like you had a great time and I'm glad you went out in your Trashy Diva Rockets print! <3 I love that dress! <3 Happy 50th Star Trek anniversary to you! I know how much you love that show! :)

  12. Looks like a fun exhibition and your outfit is lovely x


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