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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vintage Fall Fashion Dreams

I've never  liked cold weather, and I've no desire for the lazy, lovely days of summer to end, but as the temperature rises and September approaches I have been thinking about fall.   

Specifically vintage fall fashions. Fall is a beautiful season, perhaps the loveliest one of all, and deserves clothes that compliment it's beauty.  It's also the ideal time to be outside in nature, so comfort is key.    Then of course there is my favorite Holliday, Halloween.  Below are some items I'm hoping to wear this fall.  

1) A Pendleton Jacket-Made in Canada these iconic wool coats in tartan plaids are perfect for outdoor wear among the fall leaves.  Comfortably cozy they are neither to heavy or too light for autumn winds. 

2) 1940s or 50s wide leg jeans-The young ladies in the picture below have in my opinion, the perfect casual fall looks oversize wool jacket, or fitted sweater,  comfortable loose and cuffed jeans, and bonus points for a cute pair of loafers.  Who says vintage style has to be fancy? 

3) Cowichan Sweater-Another Canadian classic. Oversize, cozy, and perfect for fall. Just look how amazing Marilyn looked in hers. 

4) 1940s knitted turban or headband-These are very in vogue now and a million patterns are popping up online.   

5) Letterman Sweater-There's something about fall that always makes me feel very collegiate even if my school days are decades behind me. For my money there is no better back to school look then a classic letterman sweater, no matter what your age. 

6) Saddle Shoes-Another campus classic and originally meant for the younger set but I'm really hopi g to score my first pair of saddle shoes this fall.  Hopefully authentic. 

7) A novelty circle skirt- These are so much fun but nearly impossible to find in modern, read 27 and up waist sizes.  I've yet to come across one I can squeeze my 30 inch waist into.   However, I recently discovered Girl In A Whirl on face book she makes custom novelty circle skirts in all sizes. Dogs are a common theme.  They don't exactly come cheap so squeezing in five dogs maybe a financial impossibility but I'm thinking of something with a pug and a poodle. Here are two of her cute skirts

8) A 1930s style wool dress-You can't always be casual, or at least I can't.  For dressier days I'm thinking of a classic wool dress like this one worn by Poirit's Miss. Lemon.  She wore it in the Egyptian Tomb episode and I'm obsessed with the pyramid detailing. I asked Sew Vintage Seamstress to make me a copy that I'm sure will be amazing.  I hope to channel some of Miss Lemon's elegant efficiency while wearing it, but it seems unlikely.  

9) A simple 1920s day dress- My favorite 20s looks are not the glitty gatsbyesque numbers, but the quieter, simpler day time dresses that are so often over looked during period retrospectives.  The simple black button dress with white collar and cuffs worn by Louise Brooks in the charming 1926 film The Show Off.  Ive asked Sew Vintage Seamstress to make me one in a similar vein. 

10) Something Halloweeny-I might have said before, oh about a 1000 times, is that  Halloween is my favorite Holliday. Even so I really have no interest in a traditional costume. My favorite Halloween look are the costume dresses worn in the 1920s. 

I used a bonus check from work and splurged on one from Guermantes Vintagre. 

Hopefully, I'm brave enough to wear it for a few days in October.  It's too special to save  for Halloween only. 

What are your plans for fall? Fashion or otherwise. 


  1. Oh, there is too much good stuff in this post! Love the pic of Marilyn, and the Halloween costumes, adn the big cozy Pendletons, but the pug skirt is best of all!

    I love the fall - it's my fave season, but unfortunately it's often super hot here then. Bleh. We are planning to go on a wee vacation in the fall, and can't wait!

  2. I love summer, but this post almost...almost makes me long for September. I love classic clothes so much that i often have to turn to my sewing machine to get what I want. A couple of your shots made me want to get the knitting needles out
    . I also love the Poodle skirts,,,of course..

  3. I'm thinking about fall, too. Not because of weather but mosquitoes..
    I think fall is a great season for fashion! I love love love the circle skirt with pugs on it. So pretty!

  4. Your right , it wont be long and fall will be here.

  5. Fall (or Autumn as we call it in the UK) is my most favourite season, particularly when the sun is out but it's getting colder. I have to say there are some really lovely things here I long for too, especially a Pendleton jacket.

    However, the one thing I want the most, and am planning to sew at some point, is a simple 1920s day dress. I too much prefer the day dresses of this period compared to the glitzy beaded evening ones that everyone seems to love. The one Louise Brooks is wearing is just gorgeous. I just love anything black and white!

  6. That pug skirt is just pawfect!!!!
    I finks a Pendleton Jacket would be pawfect for Mum to take me walkies in don't you?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. I can just imagine you in that pug skirt!

    I also love the costumes from the 1920s, and I think that orange-toned image is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen!

  8. I'm pretty sure Marilyn Monroe would have looked amazing in anything!
    Lynne x

  9. YES to all! I love fall and I would like to add many or continue wearing many of the items you listed in your post. I would love to own a Pendleton Jacket (yay Canada!) and the wool 30's dress..swoon that would be great.

    I found my saddle shoes on ebay brand new (though) and I have had them for several years now and they are fantastic. Just in case you chose to go the brand new route.

    Every time I see the pug skirt on her FB page I think of you..every time. You need to make this happen..PLEASE! :)

    Great post.

    Liz :)

  10. You found miss Lemon's pyramid dress too! I found that one pretty amazing and snapped a photo of it straight away! You've got some great things going on in your inspirations and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the outcome. You're spot on about modern takes of '20s fashion. Louise Brooks is perfect!

  11. Fabulous post!!! Though I do adore the sweltering heat of summer and the long hours of sunlight it delivers, objectively, fall is my favourite season and I'm starting to chomp at the bit for its return, too. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Lovely selection of autumn fashions here with loads that I think I should add to my wardrobe. My mum has just made me that big bow turban! Just working out ways to style it!


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