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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weasley Tours Battery Park City

For a long time now I have been wanting to take Weasley to Battery Park City in Manhattan for an outing and two Sundays ago we finally did it.   Battery Park City is one of the newer communities in Manhattan and its constantly changing so there was lots for Weasley to see, prepare for picture overload.  To get there from Jersey we took Weasley and his stroller on the Ferry.

The ferry ride is very short, only about three minutes and your in Manhattan so there wasn't a lot of time for photos on the ferry,
We made up for it though!  There is lots to see in this area of Manhattan.  Since its right on the water their our tons of boats: yachts, cruise ships, small boats, big boats, you get the idea.
You can also see right across the river to Jersey City

Sports are  plentiful you can play tennis, soccer, basketball, go kayaking, play mini golf, there is even a beach volleyball court:

If sports aren't your thing you might like the gardens along the waterfront path ways.  Dogs aren't allowed in these but they can walk on the paths past them.  There is even a duck pond.
My favorite part is the Irish Hunger memorial.  This is a memorial in memory of the Irish Potato famine and also a reminder of current world hunger.  It was made using stones and native plans and even a cottage brought to New York from Ireland.  It really does look like a piece of the Irish country side and its quite weird and wonderful to find it in Manhattan.  Dogs are not allowed inside but we took Weasley's picture in front of the memorial.

If you prefer art then the sculptures in the Rockefeller Park might interest you.  Created by Tom Otterness they are designed to be interacted with by humans, and canines, who visit the park:

Of course Battery Park City also has an actual dog park, its small, but it has Sprinklers!

We finished our Battery Park City outing with a treat Weasley really appreciated cupcakes from Sprinkles at Hudson Easts.  They make a dog friendly version:



After our cupcakes it was time to head back home on the ferry.



  1. Great pics, and you really did get around little guy. We are going to have to do something about the DOGS NOT ALLOWED signs. Maybe sneak them down when no one is looking, same over this side of that big pond. Great day had by all :-) x x x

  2. Oh we loves those pictures, we couldn't pick out the best, but we finks where he was saying hello to that little stone doggie was real cute.
    stella rose

  3. Oh Weasley what a fantastic day with moms and pops. We like the statue of the doggy
    Lily & Edward

  4. Sure looks like Weasley had a grand time! Great shots!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic adventure for Weasley!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  6. Amazing that a dog park in Manhattan can be so empty! I would expect wall-to-wall dogs. And, how typical, gal sitting in dog park with her face buried in her phone.

    It looks like a great place to explore!

  7. SHEESH! SHE hasn't been there since 1988--what a difference!

  8. Hi Weasley! I love your little stroller . It looks like fun to be to be able to ride in it.
    And go on the ferry tooo!! What a day!
    I love the photo of you talking to that golden doggy,,, and I also loved that cupcake photo!

  9. What a fun outing for Weasley! He looks so cute in the stroller :-)
    I'd love to visit Irish Hunger Memorial. How amazing they brought cottage over to NY!
    The cupcake looks very cute and yummy. Enjoyed all the photos. Have a great week!!

  10. That Irish Hunger Memorial is amazing--I had no idea that was in New York! I had so much fun exploring the natural and out of the way wonders when I went back to NY for grad school, after growing up there. Never did get to explore Battery Park City though--it looks well worth a trip!

  11. Weasley looks so good! :D Glad he had a fun adventure.

  12. Looks like Weasley had a grand time. LOL loved the dog statue shot. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. I love your days out. I have a walking card deck of New York. Battery Park is the #1 card. Have I ever been to New York-of course not. Great post.

  14. Wow, that looks like such a fun day! The gardens and duck pond look very peaceful. I can't believe that Irish Hunger Memorial is right in Manhattan - the photo looks like it could have been taken right in Ireland - it even looks misty right there! I love the photo of Weasley sniffing the dog sculpture. :)



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