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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everybodys All American-Vintage Pit Bull Photographer

As a dog lover and a vintage lover I like nothing more then looking at old pictures of dogs and their owners.  One breed I particularly enjoy gazing at, Pit bulls or any of their bully breed brethren.  I'm a bulldog lover, with an English bulldog and a Pitbull mix of my own, and I am constantly depressed by the unfair negative stereotype assigned to bulldog breeds and thus I love looking at pictures from the Pit Bull's hey day as the family dog.  This Fourth of July lets appreciate this all American dog and commit to helping to abolish the negative and untrue stereotypes that surround them. Below are some beautiful vintage photographs of Pit Bulls doing what they do best, companionship, from around the internet.


  1. That kids as a mouse photo is making me chuckle. Great photos!

  2. All of the bull breeds are beloved favourites of myself and my husband, too. We always figured our first dog would be a British Bulldog, but as fate would have it, we saw Annie and knew that she was destined to be our first pup. Fittingly, she's half American Bulldog, so we still get some of that darling, tenacious, classic bullie in our sweet girl.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your really lovely comment on my post yesterday about getting older. I'm going to enjoy this last year of my 20s for sure, but am even more excited about the next decade - clean slates and all that! :)

  3. Loved looking at these lovely old photos.

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